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Wicked Pour Candle Bar

Custom Scented Candle

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Fragarance Blend

Wicked Pour Candle Bar offers online custom creations as well as our in person sittings.

1.  Choose up to 4 of your favorite scents from our massive inventory and fragrance style of your choice (listed below) and list them in the notes in your cart.

2.  Please choose the listing below for the fragarence blend you would like! If you are unsure, we suggest "best blend". 

Layered will give you clarity between scents as your candle burns.

Equal parts will simply be whatever your fragrance choices are, but added equally for a predictable balance.

Best Blend is allowing our skilled Chandlers to use your scents and create the best profile based on our experience.


All custom candles are FREE SHIPPING and will ship out in 5-7 days.

Alpine Balsam
Amber & Driftwood
Apples & Maple Bourbon
Baby Powder
Bamboo & Coconut
Black Coral & Moss
Beach Linen
Black Sea
Blood Orange
Brandied Pear
Carmelized Pranines
Carribean Teakwood
Cashmere Plum
Christmas Hearth
Christmas Tree
Cinnamon Stick
Clean Cotton
Cranberry Woods
Cucumber Water & Melon
Dragon's Blood
Dry Gin & Cypress
Dulce de Leche
Egyptian Amber
English Garden
Fraser Fir
Fresh Coffee
Fresh Cut Grass
French Lilac
Garden Mint
Ginger & Spice
Hibiscus Palm
High Tide
Himalayan Bamboo
Honeydew Melon
Japanese Cherry Blossom
Lemon Pound Cake
Love Spell
Mango & Coconut Milk
Macintosh Apple
Mediterranean Fig
Mint Mojito
Moroccan Cashmere
Nordic Night
Oakmoss & Amber
Ocean Breeze
Orange Blossom
Palo Santo
Peach Nectar
Peppermint & Eucalyptus
Peppermint Mocha
Pineapple Sage
Pumpkin Pie
Red Currant
Red Sangria
Rose Petals
Rosemary Sage
Sea Mist
Sea Salt & Orchid
Smoked Oud
Spiced Honey & Tonka
Strawberry Guava
Suede & Smoke
Sweet Orange & Sriracha
Tomato Leaf
Very Vanilla
White Birch