Bakersfield's FIRST custom candle bar!

Bakersfield's first Custom Candle pouring experience . This is a wonderful world of endless evocative scents and alluring vessels for one of a kind creations . The setting is clean and inviting for an appointment that let's your creativity bloom. With top of the line wax melters, high quality 100% soy wax and Prop 65 compliant fragrance oils, you can rest assured that you have a high quality candle to enjoy.
Creating a custom scent for a loved one and eliciting an emotion or sparking an amazing memory is a beautiful gift to give to anyone in your life


    Our fragrance wall boasts over 75 options year round with seasonal scents changing all the time. Wicked Pour Candle Bar takes great pride in only using Prop 65 compliant clean burning fragrance oils . The vast array is guaranteed to have something for everyone.


    The vessel you choose is just as important in creating your unique candle. You will see an ever changing array of colors in all of our styles and sizes available for custom pouring.


    This is the real fun part! Not only can you choose up to 4 scents for each candle, but you even control the ratio of oils. You'll feel like a true artisan as you swirl your specific scent combo before adding to your perfectly heated wax.

How Much Does it Cost?

The cost for each session varies depending on the candle jar or flameless product chosen. This includes the scents you choose, vessel, and the entire experience of hand-pouring your own product at our Scent Bar with our Scent Stylists.
Candle Making Experience: $25-$40

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Freshly poured candles will take around 90 minutes to set before ready to leave the store. You can go grab a drink or catch a flick before returning to claim your candle. Candles can also be picked up during business hours at a later date.

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We are excited to welcome you to explore our newest unique experience!

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Simply Don't Have Time To Create Yourself? Check Out Our Custom Scented, One Of A Kind Candles Hand Poured In House By Our Professional Chandlers. 

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