Wicked Pour Bookstore

If you're looking for a pleasant place to peruse a lot of books, seek no further! Wicked Pour Candle Bar & Bookstore is proud to supply a book-hungry Bakersfield with new and used books as well as gift certificates, Blind Dates with a Book, and custom candle-making experiences! We are a general interest store, so we have a little of everything amongst our 1000+ titles. 
Our staff is happy to help you locate specific titles or you can roam around discovering wondrous books you never knew you couldn't live without.


Do you accept donations?

Of course! Donations are highly appreciated! 
When do you buy books?
Our buying hours vary; it's always best to give us a call and we can have our buyer reach out to you. If you are located in Kern County, our buyer may even come pick them up from you!
What are you looking for?
We are a general interest store and buy all sorts of books... with a few exceptions: We don't buy romances or westerns, text books, computer manuals, hardcover mysteries, out-of-date travel guides, or books in poor condition (mildew, underlining, broken spine, etc.). Beyond that, we decide what to take on a book-by-book basis.

Please note that our bookstore is very, very selective when buying used military history, sports, cookbooks, or children's books. Our store can only feature so many books at once.

Is my book valuable?

It depends!  We’re happy to take a look and let you know, if it’s the sort of thing we have expertise in.
Do you accept music, movies, audiobooks, or magazines?
Not at this time.
Do you pay for books in cash or store credit?
For nearly all books we offer store credit, also called "Trade," but for extremely desirable books we may offer cash. The amount we pay for books is based on their current cover price and condition. 
Will you pick up books from my house or estate sale?
Of course! We have a small staff, but we are happy to do the heavy-lifting so you don’t have to! Give us a call at the store and we can arrange it. 
What can I do with the books you can't buy?
We prefer to donate the books we can not sell to various Kern County Libraries, Free Little Libraries, and other organizations. Some are repurposed into stunning visual art that can be seen at our store!