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Wicked Pour Candle Bar

Odor Eliminating Dog Food Bowl Candle

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Designed with the pet owner in mind, our dog bowl candles feature three unique scents. Each fragrance is blended with a fresh odor eliminator to combat even the toughest odors your pets can leave behind. The clean, refreshing scents have your choices of woodsy, floral or sweet aromas to compliment the Odor Eliminator. Made with all natural soy wax and prop 65 complaint fragrances, our dog bowl candles are safe for you and your pets to enjoy. When they are finished being loved as a candle, clean up is a breeze to repurpose as a new dinner dish for your four legged friend!

Alpine Pawsome - A blend of fresh odor eliminator with a beautiful pine, juniper, patchouli base, with middle notes of cedar and balsam, topped with notes of champagne and bergamot. 

Puppyflower Nectar - A blend of fresh odor eliminator with a base of powder, dark musk and amber, with middle notes of rose, marine, and cherry blossom, topped with notes of pear and sweet agave. 

Honeydew Melon Spaniel - A blend of fresh odor eliminator with a vanilla and sugar base, middle notes of honeydew melon, cantaloupe, green leaves and strawberry topped with notes of cucumber and bergamot.